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How much does it cost to own a farm? 16. February 2015

There is no definitive answer to this question. There are so many different factors that would go into calculating the cost of a farm such as the size, location, amount of animals and machinery to name but a few.

can i see chicks being born on thursday. they are so cute. Jacob, 6years old. from jacob simon 16. February 2015

Unfortunately we don’t have any chicks at this time of year as the hens stop laying during the cold winter months. They should start laying again in the next few weeks and we will have chicks again at Easter.

why don’t female reindeer have antlers? from James Rose 2. December 2014

Female reindeer do have antlers. Our female reindeer; Silver has already shed her antlers and Batman has lost one of his. The antlers grow back each year and just like our fingerprints they grow back in exactly the same shape. In the wild the females don’t usually shed their antlers until around Spring when they give birth as they use them to compete for food whilst pregnant. The males always shed their antlers in the winter.

my two year old, olli would like to ask “why are swans white?” from olli 7. November 2014

Not all swans are white. Swans in the northern hemisphere tend to be white and swans from the southern hemisphere tend to be black. Their colour and size depend on where they live.

Can you recommend a child friendly pub/restaurant close to willows farm for some food after we visit? from Paul Edwards 29. October 2014

There is the Colney Fox in the village that is within walking distance or The White horse at Shenley which is around 10minutes away welcomes children. We hope this helps and look forward to welcoming you to Willows

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