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We will have several posts every month covering days out, arts and crafts, cooking with children and so much more...

Half Term Fun – Pumpkin Slime

Don’t let your pumpkin go to waste after you have picked it at our Pumpkin Festival, the innards are great to use in making pumpkin slime!  Those stringy bits and seeds make a great textural slime that is perfect for Halloween.



100 ml Clear PVA glue

Borax-free Elmer Magical Liquid Slime Activator


Finely shred your pumpkin innards keeping the seeds and mix well with the glue.

Add the slime activator slowly and keep stirring until the slime is the right consistency.

(Slime activator is available from Amazon, Rymans, W H Smiths and Hobbycraft)


Top 10 Tricks to Make Halloween Hauntingly Good

Here are our Top 10 picks for Halloween this year.  You can get your hands on all these spooky supplies in the Willows Activity Farm gift shop that is open to members of the public without the need to buy an admission ticket.


Top 5 Potato Crafts


You’ve dug up your bucket of tasty pink eyed Picasso potatoes at the annual Willows Potato Shindig and are thinking of cooking a tasty tortilla when you get home to recreate a bit of summer sun, but what could you do with those other potatoes that entertains?  Here are our Top 5 seasonal potato crafts to keep everyone happy as you whizz back and forth in the kitchen.


2 Recipes for 1 Bunch of Sweet Willows Carrots

We’ve got two tempting recipe suggestions for you and your little ones for the bunch of crunchy sweet carrots you picked at the Willows carrot patch.  This is our harvest finale to our Summer Spectacular event that runs till 2nd September when everyone is back to school.


10 Beatrix Potter Facts

Childhood would be a lot less interesting without Beatrix Potter!  The animal characters she created have captivated and fed the imagination of so many children across the world, which is a joy to see first hand when children get the opportunity to meet them at Willows Farm.


Peter Rabbit & Friends Rock Hunt

This summer, Willows Activity Farm is teaming up with St Albans Rocks to hide special Peter Rabbit™ rocks in local parks that keen-eyed lucky seekers can find and exchange for admission tickets to Willows ‘Summer Spectacular‘.


Fun facts about sheep and shearing

May 2018

Our Spring Special programme runs until 3rd June. We’ll have three sheep shearing demonstrations every day with our shepherd Tuck, who’ll be giving our flock a makeover for the warmer weather.  To mark the event, we’ve put together some fun facts about sheep and shearing. (more…)

How to grow butterflies

April 2014

We’re very excited about our new range of nature kits, which allow you to grow butterflies from caterpillars in your own home (or school). We’ve even had a go at growing them ourselves, and it’s been incredible to watch these tiny creatures develop into beautiful Painted Lady butterflies. (more…)

A day in the life of Dawn

April 2018

Our entertainment manager Dawn has been putting on theatre shows at Willows Activity Farm for 15 years. She tells us about a typical day, her favourite characters and her most memorable moments on stage.


Top tips for a winters day out

Top Tips for a Day out during Winter

December 2017

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of days out during the cold Winter months.