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Keeping Your Pets Cool in the Heat

We’ve had lots of questions this week during our day long Pat-a-Pet session of tips how best to keep your pets cool in the heatwave.  Our Livestock Team have shared some of the most important ones to make sure your pets remain comfortable and happy!


Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

-Make sure you keep their water bottle topped up and be careful of evaporation.

-Freeze a  water bottle to make a comfy cold mattress  for your little furry to settle next to.

-Do make sure your hutch isn’t kept directly on the ground to make sure for good ventilation and keep it and the run in the shade all day.

-Groom your little furry pet and brush out loose hair.

-Be mindful of hygiene.  The hot weather can result in more flies and flystrike that can affect rabbits.

-Feed small pieces of water-rich fruit and vegetables, such as celery and apple, to keep them hydrated.


-Never leave your dog alone in a car, caravan or glass conservatory even for a few minutes even with an open window.  The RSPCA state that if it’s 22 C outside, within an hour it can be 47 C inside a car!

-Always provide your dog with plenty of water, both in your house and on walks.   Watch what they drink if you are out on a walk!

-Try to draw the curtains and, if there is a breeze open a window so that your dog can go and lie down and feel comfortable when it’s feeling hot.  This room can also act as a safe place if your dog is frightened of storms.

-To avoid heatstroke only take your dog for long walks early in the morning or late in the evenings.

-If your dog has a light-coloured nose or ears buy some pet sunscreen to apply.


-Don’t let your cat go outside between 10 am and 3 pm.

-Try to draw the blinds in the kitchen and, if there is a breeze open a window so that your cat can go in and and lie down, especially if you have their favourite cooling slate, stone, or a tiled floor!

-Provide your cat plenty of water, in various positions around the house.

-Don’t worry if your cat seems to be grooming itself more than usual. This is a way to help them cool down.

-Cats will pant if it is particular hot but excessive panting could mean heatstroke and a visit to the vets.


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