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Top 5 Potato Crafts

You’ve dug up your bucket of tasty pink eyed Picasso potatoes at the annual Willows Potato Shindig and are thinking of cooking a tasty tortilla when you get home to recreate a bit of summer sun, but what could you do with those other potatoes that entertains?  Here are our Top 5 seasonal potato crafts to keep everyone happy as you whizz back and forth in the kitchen.

1. Animal Carving

Help your little ones carve an animal.  For inspiration take a look at Nasima Khatun’s version of Picasso’s La Capra goat sculpture that took 8 potatoes to create.


2. Autumn Forest Floor Scene

Stamp a beautiful Autumnal forest floor with 3 simple slashes  in the potato and dipping them into vibrant autumn colours.

3. Pumpkin Bunting

The great thing about potato art is that it’s quite forgiving, even if you are not the world’s best sculptor, you’ll be able to manage a half decent pumpkin stamp.  This bunting uses postcards so there is no need to spend time cutting up pieces of card yourself, read more.

4. Christmas Card Prints

Potatoes are the perfect shape for stamping some snowmen, penguins and reindeer noses, simply add some googly eyes and you have an original handmade Christmas card.

5. Potato People Sculptures

Make your own potato people using toothpicks, bits of old cloth, bottle tops, wool and playdough and beans for eyes.