Wonder of Willows ‘WOW’ Award

Our WOW (Wonder of Willows) Award are designed to thank our team members that you feel have gone the extra mile!

As valued customers, it’s really important we hear your views and recognise and award our team members that have gone above and beyond to ensure your visit was a wonderful exception to the everyday.

Did a member of our Farm Park Team make your day? Did a Catering Team member give outstanding service? Did someone from Maintenance help when you needed it? Did our Cleaner go above and beyond?  Great customer service from the Office Team? Let us know!

If a member of our team does something that you feel deserves rewarding please nominate them for a WOW Award*.

  • You will need to include the date of your visit and ticket order reference number on your WOW nomination form. If you are a Member and do not have a ticket order reference number please use your postcode as your reference number.